TNOO attendance software, new management

TNOO various ways to manage the attendance of employees and human resources in your organization, manage your employees easily.

Attendance Device

Face recognition|finger print

T-New attendance and absence web software currently has the possibility of connecting to Ofoq Far Vision (TIMMY) brand devices, you can view the price list of the devices from the Ofoq Far Vision website.

Attendance with desktop

Administrators panel |Employee panel

T-New is a HR and attendance software enabling remote work management without a time attendance device. It efficiently handles employee absences and attendance, making it a valuable tool for businesses.

Attendance with mobile application

QR code | Wi-Fi | Location

Users can quickly register their presence or absence by scanning the special QR code provided by the application. This QR code is assigned to each user or location, and the information obtained from the scan is stored temporarily.

TNOO,Safe choice

TNOO is not only a software, but also a new selection experience.In this innovative software world,TNOO allows you to achieve a new user experience with its unique tools and features. With TNOO,you get a new choice in the world of software

  • Attendance management
  • Time traking with GPS location of work and breaks

Requests workflow

Leave | Mission Overtime and...

Do not register with paper anymore. In Tino, employees can send requests for leave, mission, overtime, allowance, forgetting traffic, and expenses to the managers.

Online tracking of employees on the map

Managing employees outside the office

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Employee payslips

Tax table Insurance Additions Deductions

Tino simplifies salary calculations, providing pay slips, rules and regulations, and tax tables for accurate tax assessment. Easily compute employee salaries with a few clicks and ensure compliance with minimum and maximum tax requirements.

Management of all types of work shifts

Day shift, night shift, complex shift

In Tino, you can define all types of fixed, floating, rotating, night, etc. shifts with different periods and weekly or monthly patterns in all types of traffic and overtime work policies.

Online presence

No delay and no need to do anything

With or without a device in the company, outside the company, no matter how you travel, it will be placed in the main dashboard without delay, and the manager or managers, as well as the employee's account, will be informed of their status.

Internal chat

Talk to colleagues for coordination

It happens in case that the collection is large and it is necessary to consult or ask another employee for a leave, mission or... In this software, you can do this easily with a computer on the web or with a phone in the software.

Projects and job descriptions

Assigning tasks to employees

In Tino, you can assign projects and tasks to employees or groups by specifying the estimated time of completion of the project, date and priority, and then receive feedback from employees and various causes of work, such as stopped or ongoing tasks.

human resources

Notification Conference registration Policy determination

The software allows you to notify people of events, update rules and policies, and remind employees to register for conferences. You can send letters and specify dates and times for registration.

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